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Our state of the art technology is changing the way people shop

When vendors focus on just static digital marketing they fail to recognize the potential on how their customer could be shopping. Customers want a real life experience from the comfort of their own home.

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Customers no longer focus just on the product they focus on the experience.



Instill a feeling of uniqueness and self expression making a mass-market product appear more exquisite and desirable with Augmented Reality (AR).

When you view a chair at Showoff it becomes an interactive chair.


Showoff provides the stage for interactive user experiences.  

You share a photo or catalog

We create a 3D object from the photos you provide including product details.

Why Showoff eCommerce?

With our state of the art technology, we give customers the power to select your product. Drop it in their own home. With a touch of their hand are able to move and size your product for a perfect fit!

Transform Your Catalog

Give customers the chance to shop your interactive product line

Complete Satisfaction

Imagine the response when a customer can see your product in their home before they purchase


Social Experience

When a customer creates what they consider to be a perfect room, they wont tuck it away for safe keeping...they share it...with everyone! No one will want to be left out of this new way of shopping

Start Getting More Exposure and Increase Sales

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The modern day shopper finds shopping as a form of entertainment.  At Showoff we turn buying into a real life experience that leaves our customers wanting more.

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Our roots go back to CD-ROM where we developed home remodeling and design software. Today we are revolutionizing how homes are designed, remodeled, built and sold through our Virtual Interactive Webpages.




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